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Espace Performance CCI, Bureau 17
Rue Gallieni, Noumea
Phone: +687 25 15 66



Pepiniere CCI, Bureau 4
Pont Cassis, Kone
Phone: +687 42 45 15


Relocation Services

Ellipse Consulting is well-experienced in working with the New Caledonian departments that approve work permits, residency papers and visas.

  • Provide overview of immigration & administrative requirements
  • Assist through the application process for work permits, business permits and residence permits
  • Prepare of the application file and submit it to the proper government body in your home country
  • Diligently follow-up throughout the entire application process with the relevant authorities

Home finding
Successful home finding is usually of critical importance to the success of a relocation project. This service has been designed to minimize disruption in tour busy schedule. We give as much information as possible to help plan your move and work out your choices.

  • Determine your needs and your priorities
  • Research for the right property that meets your needs and lifestyle
  • Situate the home in terms of convenience for works, school, shopping, etc
  • Present detail information and send electronically digital photos of properties shortlisted for viewing
  • Provide City information kit
  • Explain the rental contract and assist in the lease signature

Orientation proragam
This service is to give our expatriate clients and their families a personalized introduction enabling them become orientated to the new culture and way of life as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Telephone meeting is organized with you before departure
  • Determine the objective of your visit and organizing a schedule accordingly
  • Prepare itinerary that meets your timeframe for viewing neighborhoods, shopping centers, properties, etc
  • Provide information on local community amenities (sports club, etc)
  • Act as a guide and interpreter during your orientation visit for one day (pick-up from Noumea-Tontouta international airport)
  • Establish a plan of action for your moving

Moving & Settling-in
We efficiently organize settling-up days to help you accomplish «normally simple” task and quickly become operational. Not only we help to overcome language barriers but we can provide on-site assistance such as

  • Organise temporary accommodation
  • Coordinate with the removal company for your moving day
  • Help to purchase/lease a car
  • Assist in opening bank account and other necessary administrative procedures
  • Make arrangements to connect utilities and subscribe home insurance
  • Provide on-going telephone assistance during the assignment
  • Oversee incoming and outgoing inspection and inventory

Schooling Assistance
Finding suitable schools for children is of major importance and choosing a school is a highly personal decision, usually based on the needs of the individual child.

  • Determine your needs in terms of education (telephone conference)
  • Provide information on the New Caledonian education system including the range of schools and programs available
  • Organize visits and meetings with headmasters at the selected schools (2-3 schools)
  • Offer assistance to enroll your children in suitable classes

Cross cultural counselling
Cultural sensitivity and understanding can make all the difference between a successful or failed assignment.
We offer individually designed courses which typically consist of four core segments

  • Background, History and current events
  • Daily living in the new country
  • Business culture and local customs
  • Basics of the foreign language